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Irrigation Installation

Irrigation Installation, Thompsons Station, TN A high-quality irrigation system is critical for creating and sustaining healthy, vibrant landscapes. Efficient watering systems provide essential hydration to plants, while reducing waste.

For robust gardens, flawless lawns, and perfectly nourished plants, collaborating with irrigation experts to install the ideal watering solution is necessary. At Delta Landscapes, we provide top-quality irrigation system installations for homes and businesses across the Greater Nashville area. With years of experience meeting the needs of local communities, we have established ourselves as the go-to experts for all landscape irrigation projects, big or small.

Types of Irrigation Systems

Taking plant types and their water needs into consideration, our experts can recommend and install the optimal system by selecting the highest quality products on the market.

Rotary sprinklers - Rotary sprinklers spray water in a circular pattern using gear-driven rotating heads. They provide broad coverage for watering large open areas like Lawns.

Spray sprinklers - Spray head sprinklers cover areas with a fan-shaped water pattern.
These are good for watering small to medium-sized lawns and plant beds.

Micro-spray irrigation - With micro-spray (or micro-jet) systems, small spray heads distribute water over vegetable gardens, planters or plant beds. The spray heads and mist nozzles can be customized to cover any shape or size area, so the system is suited for watering small areas or irregularly shaped gardens.

Drip irrigation - This system delivers water slowly and directly to plant roots through valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters. Drip irrigation is water efficient and great for watering gardens, trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

Smart irrigation systems - High-tech smart controllers adjust schedules and run times based on weather, soil moisture, and plant needs. Smart systems prevent overwatering and runoff with advanced programming and sensors.

How We Work on Irrigation Projects

We bring you exceptional value through every step of your irrigation project, and we start with a detailed site consultation and accurate assessment of your property’s needs.

  • Start with a detailed site consultation and accurate assessment of your property’s unique aspects and needs.
  • Our landscape experts recommend the ideal irrigation system and components to match your vision, lifestyle, and budget.
  • We make the proper material selections for your landscape design.
  • Our team will then handle the installation process with immense care and precision, using proper techniques to get the details perfect.

You can count on us for the right system at the right price. For more details about our irrigation installations, call Delta Landscapes at 615-914-3088. You can also email us via our Contact Us form to discuss your service requirements.

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