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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting, Thompsons Station, TN Properly designed and installed landscape lighting is integral for enhancing the aesthetics, safety, and function of any outdoor space. Strategic lighting transforms your home and outdoor space while adding visual interest and security.

At Delta Landscapes, we are experts in outdoor lighting design, installation, and upgrades. We incorporate strategic lighting plans to meet your specific needs and style. Our lighting solutions showcase your home’s architecture and landscaping with eye-catching appeal.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

We assess the site and determine your preferences in order to recommend various types of outdoor lighting fixtures, such as:

Path lights - Low-level lights illuminating walkways and paths. Path lights create safe navigation and highlight landscape features.

Deck lights - Lighting is installed beneath deck railings to illuminate the deck surface for safe evening use, and we also use them to accent deck features.

Step lights – These lights are placed in risers to mark and illuminate steps and stairs for visibility and safety.

Floodlights - Broad floodlighting washes structures, walls, or foliage with light for accenting textures and dimensions.

Up-lights – The adjustable fixtures provide intense, focused beams to highlight architectural or landscape details. These installations can also be placed beneath trees/plants to cast dramatic upward shadowing and depth as they create focus on foliage and form.

Silhouette lights - Backlight illuminates the shape/outline of structures and landscaping for a silhouette effect.

Post cap lights - Subtle lighting attached to the top of deck posts and fencing to add accent lighting along a path.

In-ground lights - Lights recessed into the ground/pavers help illuminate walls, steps, and textures from below without glare.

Lanterns – These decorative, luminous fixtures light pathways, accent architecture, or provide scene lighting.

Wall sconces - Decorative lights fixed to walls to illuminate garden spaces, seating areas, and architectural details.

Deck rail lights - Linear lighting installed along deck railing or stair banisters for accent and safety.

Pond/pool lighting - Underwater fixtures and water surface lights accentuate water features at night.

Landscape Lighting Replacement and Upgrades

We also provide lighting replacement and upgrades using the latest fixtures and bulbs for optimal illumination and decreased energy consumption. If your current lighting system is outdated, worn out, or not highlighting your landscape correctly, we can recommend the ideal lighting enhancements to re-energize your outdoor space.

Landscape lighting is never a one-size-fits-all approach. Each landscape and exterior space requires a customized lighting design that will accentuate your property’s architectural and natural features.

Our landscape lighting experts consider unique landscaping, usage needs, and visibility challenges to develop a lighting plan tailored to your space. We carefully select fixture types, lumen output, placement, and lamp color to enhance aesthetics and functionality. With thoughtful customization, we install lighting that meets your needs and becomes an integral part of your landscape’s character.

For more details about our landscape lighting, call Delta Landscapes at 615-914-3088. You can also email us via our Contact Us form to discuss your service requirements.

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